Gran Caffè Ravezzi is a company that markets the highest quality coffee products for companies and individuals.

Single-serve paper pods



Gran Caffè Ravezzi blends are the result of a selection of the highest quality coffees with superior characteristics in terms of floral nuances, aromas and acidity.

We roast the coffee weekly to better preserve all the product qualities.

At Gran caffè Ravezzi, we create our coffee blends by mixing different variety or origin coffees to obtain a good blend with the organoleptic properties what we are looking for, in each case: body, aroma, acidity, fragrance...

A practical format containing the perfect dose of the highest quality coffee in a filter paper preserving all their properties.

Offering the best quality coffee has always been a fundamental purpose of Gran Caffè Ravezzi.

Among our blends, we have created an Italian inspired blend (Massimo): full-bodied, creamy and strong. Others are thought to palates seeking more nuances in a blend as in our Capritxoso noted by its acidity, floral and chocolate hints.


The single-serve paper pods of Gran Caffè Ravezzi are easy to use, clean and practical. A format containing the perfect dose of the highest quality coffee in a filter paper preserving all their properties.

The single-serve paper pod system is the only one that contains the same amount of coffee (7 grams) as in the traditional espresso machines.

One of the great advantages of our single-serve paper pods is their compatibility with many coffee machines. Thus, coffee lovers will enjoy at home the best bodied and aromatic coffee they demand.

Our services

Since our inception, in Gran Caffè Ravezzi, we have had an outstanding vocation of service towards our customers. We are focused on a close and agile service to facilitate our customer’s daily life.

Coffee beans for HORECA

Gran Caffè Ravezzi coffee beans have the quality as a feature, made of blends carefully selected resulting in the best cup of coffee.

Compatible aluminium capsules

Art capsules, compatible with the Nespresso* system, have been made of aluminium to better preserve flavour, aroma, intensity and cream of coffee.

The E.S.E. system, to me, is the only single-dose system that should exist. It achieves results very similar to the traditional arm coffee maker and much superior to other capsule systems.


*Brand of a company not related to Gran Caffè Ravezzi