Gran Caffè Ravezzi is a company that markets the highest quality coffee products for companies and individuals.


A blend of sustainable values


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An excellent, high-quality coffee selection produced in sustainable coffee farms. It is ideal for espresso.


Our Organic coffee is the result of an excellent selection of coffee with an organic certification that supports sustainable farming systems in which fertilizers and synthetic pesticides are avoided using natural and mechanic alternatives.


El cafè Organic destaca per oferir cos marcat i intens amb notes de xocolata, mora i avellanes. Una varietat ideal per prendre en format espresso.

Flavour 0
Acidity 0
Balanced 0
Aroma 0
Body 0



The Organic blend is available as Art aluminium capsules compatible with the Nespresso*system.
Aluminium capsules keep intact the coffee properties and offer optimal performance for the Nespresso*system coffee machines.

Our services

Since our inception, in Gran Caffè Ravezzi, we have had an outstanding vocation of service towards our customers. We are focused on a close and agile service to facilitate our customer’s daily life.

Coffee beans for HORECA

Gran Caffè Ravezzi coffee beans have the quality as a feature, made of blends carefully selected resulting in the best cup of coffee.

Compatible aluminium capsules

Art capsules, compatible with the Nespresso* system, have been made of aluminium to better preserve flavour, aroma, intensity and cream of coffee.

*Brand of a company not related to Gran Caffè Ravezzi