Gran Caffè Ravezzi is a company that markets the highest quality coffee products for companies and individuals.

Capritxoso / Sostenible

A blend of sustainable values

Capritxoso / Sostenible

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Capritxoso / Sostenible

An excellent selection of the highest quality Arabica coffees which have been produced in sustainable coffee farms. It is ideal for espresso.

Capritxoso / Sostenible

Our Capritxoso variety is the result of an excellent selection of the highest quality Arabica coffee from which we obtain a balanced cup of coffee. This variety is Rainforest Alliance certified, that guarantees the coffee has been produced in coffee farms that are committed to using environmentally-friendly and sustainable farming methods.


Capritxoso coffee offers an intense and persistent aroma and flavour with citric notes. It is an ideal variety for espresso.

Flavour 0
Acidity 0
Balanced 0
Aroma 0
Body 0


Capritxoso blend is available as coffee beans and ground coffee. Sostenible blend is available as single-serve paper pods.

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Since our inception, in Gran Caffè Ravezzi, we have had an outstanding vocation of service towards our customers. We are focused on a close and agile service to facilitate our customer’s daily life.

Coffee beans for HORECA

Gran Caffè Ravezzi coffee beans have the quality as a feature, made of blends carefully selected resulting in the best cup of coffee.

Compatible aluminium capsules

Art capsules, compatible with the Nespresso* system, have been made of aluminium to better preserve flavour, aroma, intensity and cream of coffee.

*Brand of a company not related to Gran Caffè Ravezzi